Covered Action Certification

Yolo Flyway Farms Restoration (C20181)

Submitted by Department of Water Resources on 01/02/2018.
The public review and appeal period begins 1/2/2018 through 2/1/2018

Certification Status
  • Public Review of Certification 1/2/2018
  • Covered Action Not Appealed 2/2/2018


There are no appeals for this certification of consistency.

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c. 14-1009_yolo_flyway_farms_flood_tm_102014....

Risk Reduction - RR P3   01/02/2018
williamson act open space agr..pdf

Delta as a Place - DP P2   01/02/2018
yff design.pdf

Ecosystem Restoration - ER P2   01/02/2018
yolo flyway farms ammp.pdf

General Policy - G P1(b)(4)   01/02/2018
yff design.pdf

General Policy - G P1(b)(3)   01/02/2018
yff mitigation measures.pdf

General Policy - G P1(b)(2)   01/02/2018
yolo notice of determination.pdf

Supporting Record   01/02/2018
yolo county recorder invoices nod filing & pr...

Supporting Record   01/02/2018