Covered Action Certification

California WaterFix (C20185)

Submitted by California Department of Water Resources on 07/27/2018.
The public review and appeal period begins 7/27/2018 through 8/27/2018

Certification Status
  • Public Review of Certification 7/27/2018
  • Appeal Review 7/27/2018
  • Withdrawn and Public 12/7/2018


AppealsAuthorDate Filed
C20185-A9 William C. Burke08/28/2018
C20185-A8 Dante J. Nomellini, Jr. 08/28/2018
C20185-A7 Osha Meserve08/28/2018
C20185-A6 Kelley Taber08/28/2018
C20185-A5 Kelley Taber08/28/2018
C20185-A4 Barbara Daly08/28/2018
C20185-A3 E. Robert Wright08/28/2018
C20185-A2 Michael Brodsky08/28/2018
C20185-A1 Alexis Krieg08/28/2018

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