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A state or local agency that proposes to undertake a covered action, prior to initiating the implementation of that covered action, are required to submit a written certification to the Council, with detailed findings demonstrating that the covered action is consistent with the Delta Plan.(Water Code Section 85225).

The table below is available to the general public for transparent tracking of a covered action certification or appeal. In addition, the on-line forms are available to assist state and local agencies in preparing the required certification and also assists the general public in the appeal process.

Covered Action TitleAgencyIDCertification FiledProfileStatusStatus DateTotal Appeals
Southport Sacramento River Early Implementation ProjectWest Sacramento Area Flood Control AgencyC2016310/5/2016ProjectCovered Action Not Appealed11/5/20160
Tule Red Tidal Restoration ProjectState and Federal Water Contractors Agency (SFCWA)C201615/5/2016ProjectCovered Action Not Appealed6/5/20160
Dutch Slough Tidal Marsh Restoration ProjectDepartment of Water ResourcesC2014212/15/2014ProjectCovered Action Not Appealed1/15/20150
Sherman Island Whale's Mouth Wetland Restoration ProjectDepartment of Water ResourcesC201418/6/2014ProjectCovered Action Not Appealed9/6/20140